Good Luck

I set out of my dorm room to the cafeteria downstairs to try to eat what minuscule selection of dinner foods a vegetarian has in Clemson House.  I ended up with a plate full of broccoli that tasted of poison, corn that was, give or take, 98 percent water, and a grilled cheese that ended up containing some mystery meat, which I opted out of eating.  When I finished my “meal” I set foot in the great outdoors to either find a place I could hammock on campus or to befriend some frisbee throwing boys.  I was walking around Bowman field when I saw 3 boys throwing that seemed okay at frisbee, but not the most talented, so I approached them and asked if I could join their throwing circle.  They said yes and I threw with them for about 20 minutes when they finally said they had to go.  One of the boys was semi-attractive so I went up to him and asked him his name, to which he replied Josh, and he told me the others were Logan and David.  There was a few more words of small talk, then I asked, “do ya’ll go here?”.

You know how they say don’t ask questions you don’t want to know the answer to.

“I’m in high school”.

Great, I just made friends with a high schooler.

I talked a little more to him, and when he departed with his friends his last words were “good luck”, which are kind of strange words to depart on if you don’t know someone but I couldn’t help thinking how apt the phrase was considering what my college experience was amounting to so far.

Good luck, Oona MacDougall.  How apt, indeed.



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3 responses to “Good Luck

  1. Julie

    Good thing I know you’re not actually pathetic. Otherwise I might think….

  2. Todd

    Well, I love u!

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