Rain is my favorite natural process.  

Rain is emotion:

No matter the person that is listening to the downpour outside of the window, no matter if they feel like they enjoy rain or not, rain will evoke emotion from them.  It surrounds you from every side, while you can take shelter from the rain, you can’t escape it mentally.  There is something about having the constant sound of the rain pelting the ground that provokes thoughts in the mind.  Rain is emotion, not good or bad.  It can be sadness, it can be satisfaction.  It can be unrest, it can be calm.  Experience of rain is individual to perspective, but there is something secure about its common emotional connotation to humanity.

Rain is tranquility, rain is chaos:

The constant sound of the patter of rain isn’t disruptive, in fact it is just the opposite; it is a sound that helps the mind think.  The patter is calming because it is a soft and uniform enough sound that it blends with the environment, and acts as a supplement rather than an addition to the sounds around you.  On the other hand, grouped in with rain are lightening and thunder.  With the additions of electricity comes a completely different side to rain.  Thunder and lightening make the rain angrier, more disorienting.  The calming rain that was once alone becomes the chaos of loud noises and constant possibility of danger.  The calm is secure, but the chaos is interesting.

Rain is lazy, rain is adventurous:

Rain for me in high school was a possibility to escape whatever practice I had after school that day, an opportunity to laze around, I was escaping practice but rain served more as an escape from life.  For some reason it was okay to neglect work, to sit around, listen to music while staring outside as long it was raining.  Rain is the closest time comes to a complete halt.  While rain was an opportunity to laze, it also is an excuse to let your hair down, get wet, and disregard any social etiquette standards.  When you are doing in the rain, you are having an adventure.  An activity that might otherwise be banal, ex. walking a mile back to your dorm becomes an opportunity to release your inhibitions, get your face and clothes wet, splash in puddles, and to become a child again.

Rain is equalizing:

When it is raining and you are walking outside, it doesn’t matter who sees you.  Suddenly, everyone is placed on even ground.  Any hair becomes wet and matted down.  Makeup runs.  Cute clothes become un-cute.  When you walk in the rain, there is no room for judgement of  the appearances of those around you because you could just as easily be judged.

Rain is a cleanse:

Rain is a literal cleanse of the Earth as it washes away the dirt, litter, and grime of the asphalt, of the mountains, of the sidewalks.  In the beginning (before human interference) the water was cleansed through condensation, leaving behind the impurities to bring down a pure rain.  The literal cleanse that rain brings also brings a symbolic cleanse to the mind and soul.  Worries become less heavy in the presence of rainfall, and at least for a period afterwards they seem easier to deal with, as if the worries are washed away along with the dirt in the flowing water of the rain.

Rain is secure, rain is unsettling:

While rain is falling everything seems like at some point it could be alright.  You feel like you can get your thoughts together, maybe solve some of your problems.  But as the rain is falling, you still can’t help but to think of the future, the near future where the rain isn’t falling, where you won’t have this feeling of content that exists only with the fall of water to the Earth.  You also think in the distant future, where you have no idea what might happen, where many more rainfalls will surely happen, but what will happen in between those?  

Eventually, you just decide to live in the present.  Content with the rain.



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2 responses to “Rain

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  2. Laura

    You just have a way with words, I love this!

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