Never Helpless

Life happens seven days a week.  I feel like some people forget that.  It seems that way too often people get caught up in the idea that it’s fine to just turn the autopilot on for the chunk of the days that they don’t exactly enjoy (i.e. school, job), as if life pauses for those seven or eight hours a day.  You don’t necessarily have to be productive, you just have to be there.  Being present should not be a conditional phrase.  

Existence does not pause.  The Earth is a practically a living entity in itself, never ceasing it’s processes deep within its core, up to the surface that we inhabit.  If the Earth paused, if the Earth stopped rotating, if convection cells stopped moving, if the core stopped heating, slowly, the inhabitants of the planet would begin to die off.  There would be catastrophic consequences if the Earth decided to simply be present one day, but productivity wasn’t necessary.

We are our own planets.  We sustain something that is greater than us.  Effort from humans is imperative from individual to global scale.  We have a minute period of time that we, in the truest form of you and me to today, will exist on this Earth, and to wish your hours away is a sad condition that needs to be changed.  Every second, every minute, every hour is precious, which might sound hackneyed, but it is so incredibly true.  

There is always something you can make better about yourself and the world around you.  If you live in a way where you are finding the good in the world, and putting more of it into the universe, no time will ever be wasted.  Don’t judge your use of time on numbers, numbers are a concept that humans created for scientific/selfish means.  Be present.  


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