Well, As Forrest Gump Said..

I just want to write angry.  I want to write listening to a Miley Cyrus song about cussing out an ex with texting acronyms.  Sometimes when things get shitty, you just have to violently unzip your laptop case and type out something, anything, until you realize you’re mashing the keys way too hard and your sentences are barely coherent.  So then you edite edit and start typing again.


The song that just came on was acoustic.  Skip.  Miley Cyrus, again.  I’m not sure why it feels so right to listen to Miley when I’m typing angry, but damn it, it does.


There are some days where things just aren’t going to work for you, and more often than not (at least in my case), things go well for a significant period of time, then the Earth says, “oh, hey there, been a while”, and (I apologize for the vulgarity) decides to drop massive amounts of excretion on you and everything that you touch.  The dryers don’t work properly, Mr. Prius is failing me, and the wifi is faulty as ever.  Things just aren’t working well for me right now, but the thing that I find myself thinking is that I should definitely be angrier about what’s happening, but my initial anger has already almost faded into nothing.


I’m not sure if I actually think my situation is funny, or I’m laughing out of frustration, but I sure have been laughing in the last hour, and that’s sure as hell better than not laughing.  Sure, I wish that things worked out a tad more in my favor, but one: life will continue on, two: the way that I dealt with my problems was pretty entertaining because my own antics constantly surprise me (ex. the sprinkler pipe is now my clothes dryer).  I started this post intending for it to come off a lot angrier, but the things that happened to me are so un-horrible in the scheme of things that it would feel quite silly to actually sulk about it.  If you take your situation and turn it around a little, maybe flip it once or twice, you might find that it’ll be alright soon enough, and if you laugh excessively like me, you’ll probably giggle a little in the process.


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