Thoughts On Everything

-If you drink an Icee and you’re over 11 you obviously have not let go of a significant portion of your childhood.

-If car drivers wait for pedestrians to cross the road before they drive then it’s responsible, but if bike riders wait for pedestrians to cross before they ride they are either very unconfident in their biking ability or they think they are way too powerful.

-‘I’m sorry’ can immediately be transformed into fuck you by adding a comma and the word ‘but’ afterwards.

-Whatever you think is going to happen, it won’t.

-You can avoid people pitying you for sitting alone in restaurants as long as you wear nice clothes and have a laptop in front of you.

-When people say biting your lip is sexy, I think they need to specify because some people do think that biting your lower lip is sexy, but NO ONE thinks biting your upper lip is sexy.  Or if someone does, I have no desire in meeting them.

-The more friends you have in a 10 mile radius, the harder it is to write consistently.

-If everyone was forced to read one book per month, the world would be different in the best sort of way.

-Since, “I’ve eaten nothing”, is a common phrase and the definition of eat is- v.- “put (food) into the mouth and chew and swallow it”, that would mean that nothing is food.

And with one revelation, world hunger ceased to exist.

-Posed pictures steal our souls.  Candid pictures reflect our souls.

-Your blood isn’t actually blue inside of your body, no matter how many of your peers/teachers told you it is.

-Woodchucks are not some fantastical animal that exists only in the realm of children’s rhymes, they are groundhogs.  Groundhogs.  Woodchucks are groundhogs.

-Bananas are berries, just to flip your world upside down.


One response to “Thoughts On Everything

  1. Eva Averie Brookie

    thank you for this

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