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Not much else matters, because why would it

Live our lives aware of the influences around us

But remove our concern when we acknowledge something that makes us


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April 30, 2014 · 5:09 am

Do you think that it is equally as wrong to not help as to harm?

I’ll give you a real life circumstance to make the question a bit less abstract.

1. There is a boy drowning in a fountain that you walk by, you are completely able to swim, but you don’t want to get your clothes wet, so you don’t help the boy.

2. There is a boy standing alongside a fountain, you pick up this boy, then actively drown him.

Are 1 and 2 equal in your eyes?

It becomes a question of end result vs. how the end result came to be.  If you believe that the end all be all is the resulting circumstance, i.e. that the boy drowned, then not helping becomes just as incorrect morally as harming does.  If you believe that the how of how the ending circumstance came to be, i.e. not helping the drowning boy vs. drowning the boy, is more important, then you would have to argue one side vs. the other.  Even if you are someone that thinks the how of the situation is more important than the result, there is still not a heavy push toward one side or the other.

It is simple to see that drowning the boy would be wrong.  There are very few situations that allow for moral obligation to drown little boys, but just in case this boy might have been drowned to save the world from implosion or something of the sort, let’s stipulate that this boy was drowned by no morally obligating circumstances.  This boy was drowned because you felt like drowning him with no confounding variables coming into play.

Initially, it seems that one should say that the actively drowning would be a higher degree of wrong than not helping, but you must take into account that you are fully able to help, no danger is posed to you, and the only reason why you don’t help is because of minor inconvenience.  In both conditionals a boy drowns, with one being completely incurred by you, and the other being completely preventable by you.

Do you still have the same answer?

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February 1, 2014 · 4:08 pm


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December 24, 2013 · 6:52 am

The Human Spirit: Just Hold Up the Bird

There is nothing more crippling to my creativity than when the wifi fails me, which is, on average, at least every other time I use the computer.  Many a time I have lost drafts of things I have written because I have trusted WordPress (a blog site) to house my documents I’ve written, but then the wifi goes down and my posts are lost in the black hole that is the Internet.

I’m not going to lie to you and tell you that every time I lose a post I come back with a hunger and write am determined to write a new, better, faster, stronger piece; no six million dollar blog post story here.  More likely than not, I get very angry at the world, think about throwing my computer at things, settle for writing a blog post that doesn’t have nearly the energy as the first one, then seek out an uninhabited corner to sulk in.  There’s just something about having everything you just worked on torn down in an instant that is infinitely depressing, but you know what?  It certainly doesn’t have to be.  Stay with me as I resolve the discordant notes in this post, I promise I’ll end on a much less ‘cut your wrists’ note.

The depression and anger only come because you allow them; they are not unavoidable by any means.  As exhibited in my own life by the rare moments when I have a post stolen from me right as I’m trying to post it, and instead of pitching a fit, I have the energy to say, “you know what, no.  I’m going to come back and write this piece better than I did the first time, damn it”, and I do.  Those moments of human triumph are rare but enlightening.  There is a perverted beauty in witnessing a human who is shat on by the world shrug the excrement off, hold up their middle finger to the world, and push on with a vengeance.  The ultimate beauty in the world’s shit: every human being is capable of overcoming it if they so decide to.

While I wish the wifi would never fail, I can appreciate how it challenges me as a writer and human being.  Quite obviously I have extended the purpose of this post to much more than just my unfortunate experience with Clemson wifi, so I feel obligated to include a hackneyed but true cliché about humanity: everyone has the ability to tap into the boundless reservoir of the human spirit, and once you do, you’ll be surprised at what you can overcome.

Because that was actually much more cliché than I was anticipating: the next time the world shits on you, hold your middle finger up, and push on.

That’s better.

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October 31, 2013 · 4:05 pm